For over 70 years, Hartman has been supplying collated nails and screws, narrow, medium, and wide crown staples, pneumatic tools and air compressors – and many more fastening and building products – to the industrial, construction, and dealer markets. In 2017, Hartman acquired the Chambers Packaging Company making us also a large distributor of protective packaging, cardboard cartons, tape, and packaging materials. We have the experience and the products to help you get your project – big or small – done and done right.



  • Noun, Slang
  1. Vigor, verve, pep
  2. Courage and aggressiveness; nerve
  3. Skill; know-how

Origin: 1925-30, Americanism; after Moxie, a trademark (name of a soft drink)


I have to be honest with you, when I saw the origin of the word moxie, I was not expecting that it was related to a soft drink. But when I think of the definition and see words like courage, nerve, skill – I think of our guys in our repair shop. When it comes to tool repair, Clay, Sean, Larry, Bill, and Jim – total moxie-ness.

Unrelenting nerve and courage.

We get all kinds of tools and compressors to fix. They range from tools that folks found while cleaning out their garage, “Hey, I remember this! It was my grandad’s old nail gun!”, to compressors that look like they were left in the back of a truck and forgotten they were there. We even got a rebar tier that was covered in – wait for it – manure. Not sure how that happens. Regardless, the men of the shop do what needs to be done no matter how bad it smells.

Over a century of collective skill and know-how.

The journey through the shop starts with Clay. He’s a kind and respectful man who has unlimited patience; quiet in manner and tone. He’s been with Hartman for over 30 years and not only has he seen the evolution of power tools, but has experienced the changes first hand. His wealth of knowledge seems to be without limit. In addition to having the ability to work on tools that are no longer manufactured, Clay is our resident expert for the high-end 

Signode BXT battery powered combination strapping tool. This is not some $30 item you pick up at a big box store. We’re talking about a tool worth thousands of dollars and Clay, well, he knows all about them.



Next is Larry, or Lar (like bar…). Larry is our resident road-warrior, literally. He’s up at 4 am, in the shop by 5, and on the road by 5:30. He travels to the nether regions of Pennsylvania to do on site repair (don’t anyone reading this get any ideas – these are special and exclusive arrangements). He’s competent and effective and we know this because our customers have said so. While we don’t see him through the week, we do get some “Larry time” (he’s got a killer goatee) when he’s back in the shop on Fridays to replenish his truck for the next week’s run.

Sean, Sean, Sean. He’s an artfully garbed individual. He wears boots that seem too large for his feet, multiple shirts and jackets all topped off with a tool apron. He’s wearing so much clothing that he has problems keeping his pants up – nice Hanes® there, buddy. Sometimes he’s clean shaven, sometimes not. He’s deceptively quiet. Under all of this is a funny yet fierce soul who is fueled by taking a broken-down tool and making it whole again. He also is a man who appreciates efficiency and practices it with all his might. We love you Sean.

I met Bill when he walked into Hartman one day. He handed me his resume and announced that he wanted to work here repairing tools. How do you say ‘no’ to a guy like that? Uncle Billy is now a full-time fixture here at Hartman. The radio next to him spews out a constant stream of classic rock music. He’s politically incorrect and we love him for it. He has a way of getting under your skin, but at the end of a conversation, you want to give him a hug. He’s burly but skillful, tearing down tools to diagnose the problem then repair and clean.  He takes the unrecognizable and gives it back its identity.


Another technician in the Hartman family is Jim. He also has a special name: Professor Compressor. He got that designation because he wears a knee-length, gray lab coat. Jim is the cleanest tech you’ve ever seen. Not that you’d want to, but you could eat off the lift in the compressor repair room. Compressors needing repair usually come in covered with gas, oil, and mud. Jim can cut through it all, identify the problem and fix it. His repair rate is phenomenal – very rarely does a repair come back for a redo. What else can you say about a person who believes that he’s got the most fun job ever?

Vigor, verve, pep, and glue.

There is another person in our shop and that’s Sue. While she’s a part-time employee, what she does affects every single tech. Sue takes care of purchasing and inventory for the shop. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you needed a driver blade for a MAX CN70, she knows right where it is. O-rings for Paslode nail guns? Just give her the model number and you’ll get the part. She’s on a first-name basis with every one of our parts vendors and can tell you when that trigger assembly for that stapler will be shipped. Sue is part of the glue that holds the shop together.

The other part of the glue is Mike. He heads up the shop, and the warehouse, and the shipping department, and the…you get the point. He deserves a blog post all his own. Hold on Mike, you’re next.

There you have it, my snapshot to you of our “Service and Repair Center”; the department we all affectionately refer to as ‘the shop’. Men and women who are here everyday working on stuff that doesn’t work, is filled with water, caked with mud, covered in oil and gas, has exposed wires, is out of alignment, was left outside and rusted out, dropped 30 feet and has a cracked housing, where vegetable oil was used instead of hydraulic tool oil, and much more. It’s their moxie that keeps both themselves and the rest of the Hartman family truly unique.

Thanks guys and gal. In my eyes, you’re the best.

If you have a muddy, waterlogged, broken-down tool and want to see if we can revive it, or maybe a tool a that just needs a little TLC, give our customer service folks a call or send us an email: and we’ll help you out.





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