For over 70 years, Hartman has been supplying collated nails and screws, narrow, medium, and wide crown staples, pneumatic tools and air compressors – and many more fastening and building products – to the industrial, construction, and dealer markets. In 2017, Hartman acquired the Chambers Packaging Company making us also a large distributor of protective packaging, cardboard cartons, tape, and packaging materials. We have the experience and the products to help you get your project – big or small – done and done right.

Our Service and Repair Center will be inspecting, and, as you or the purchaser, requested or approved, completing the appropriate repairs and services to the tools or goods you, or the purchaser request Hartman to inspect or repair in a manner that is consistent with industry standards. Please understand not every tool, compressor, or equipment is repairable, but it is our intention to provide you, or the purchaser, with the services you, or the purchaser, have requested. In connection with the services we will be providing, the following terms apply:

  1. All repairs and service to any tools, compressors, or equipment, will be conducted in conjunction with relevant industry standards. If we find that parts and labor exceed 50% of the cost of our selling price of a tool, compressor, or equipment, we will cease repair and notify you.
  1. Pricing is based on Hartman’s standard hourly repair charge, and relevant service charges, plus, the price of parts. The actual repair charges could vary for tools needing only minor repairs versus major repairs.
  1. Upon successful repair of a tool, it will be returned to you or the purchaser in good working order.
  1. If the tool being serviced or repaired is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, Hartman’s Warranty Repair Center will:
    1. require a proof of purchase and will
    2. perform such work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and/or as per the procedures required by the manufacturer in order to maintain our standing as an authorized repair center
  1. Provided a tool, compressor, or equipment is not repaired as requested by you or the purchaser, the tool will be returned unassembled, unless you or the purchaser specifically request the tool be discarded. Hartman will not reassemble an unrepaired tool, compressor, or equipment.
  1. If a tool, compressor, or equipment cannot be repaired due to parts being unavailable because the tool is obsolete, or the tool, compressor, or equipment is in such a state whereas Hartman’s responsibility as an authorized repair center prevents us from proceeding with a repair (such as safety to the end user or service technician), the tool, compressor, or equipment will be returned either unassembled as applicable or not repaired. We take our responsibility to ensure the safety of the end user, and our service technicians seriously and decisions not to repair a tool, compressor, or equipment are made after careful consideration.
  1. Upon return of the unrepaired tool, you or the purchaser agree and understand the following:

This tool has been returned and has not been repaired by Hartman Independent. This tool, compressor, or equipment may contain defects or faults and is not in good working order. It is recommended that this tool be serviced or repaired prior to using it for the purpose it was intended, or to properly dispose of the unrepaired tool. Upon receipt of this tool, you, or the purchaser, assume all risk of loss, liability, or injury arising out of use of unrepaired tool by you, or the purchaser, its employees, or third parties.

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