Wouldn’t it be great to just go online and fill out a form and tell people what you need then just go there to pick it up? When you use Hartman’s Virtual Will Call you can do just that. If you need cap staples to finish installing a roof, or if you need a new Paslode IM200-Li cordless brad nailer, or a box of strip nails, just fill out the form and tell us what building supplies you need and we’ll have them ready and waiting for you.

Virtual Will Call

  1. What is Virtual Will Call?

    If you are an established Hartman customer, you can use this form to list items that you need to pick up the same day. No need to call ahead and there is no waiting time. Simply fill out this form and Submit it. We will contact you to confirm that we have what you need, the final price, and where you can pick up your order.

  2. What if I am not an established customer but I know what I want?

    We’ll be glad to help you! Go ahead and fill out this form and make sure you include a phone number so we can contact you. We’ll get you set up so you can pick up what you need!


If you need help, contact our Customer Service Department: 724-745-6566 option 7

Virtual Will Call Form

A form to submit requests to purchase supplies.
  • Please make sure to included quantities for each item needed
  • Drop files here or
    Do you need help identifying which product you need or want to include a Purchase Order? Upload a picture or your file here.
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