For over 70 years, Hartman has been supplying collated nails and screws, narrow, medium, and wide crown staples, pneumatic tools and air compressors – and many more fastening and building products – to the industrial, construction, and dealer markets. In 2017, Hartman acquired the Chambers Packaging Company making us also a large distributor of protective packaging, cardboard cartons, tape, and packaging materials. We have the experience and the products to help you get your project – big or small – done and done right.

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Turn In Your Old, Non-Working Power Tools: How Hartman Independent Company Will Celebrate Earth Day 2015.

Hartman honors Earth Day 2015 by encouraging those who have old or non-working power tools to dispose of them responsibly through a special Earth Day offer.

Lawrence, PA – How can a company that deals with steel, plastic, nails, corrugated, power tools, and other such nonenvironmentally friendly materials, honor a day like Earth Day? Is it possible to link itself to terms like, “sustainable,” or “renewable”? It is, and what made it possible was the original Earth Day celebrated in 1970. On Wednesday, April 22, Hartman Independent Company is honoring Earth Day along with the rest of the world. Bring in any old or non-working power tool for a discount toward a factory repaired power tool or discount on a new one, and Hartman will see to it that the old one is recycled.

The birth of the environmental movement helped to motivate businesses and individuals to recycle as a matter of course, and to recognize that the world’s resources are not unlimited. Hartman understands and embraces the need to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” the steel, plastic, paper, power tools and related materials it sells or exchanges on a daily basis.

“There are definitely challenges for a business like ours when it comes to sustainable environmental practices,” said Andrew Hartman, Vice President of Hartman Independent Company. “We provide a lot of different types of materials for companies who need to do anything from transporting machine parts to building a house. Fortunately, we do have a strong recycling program in place. Our goal in 2015 is to continue to find ways to be even more responsible stewards of our planet.”

This year, Hartman is offering a power tool discount trade-in promotion. Anyone can turn in their used or non-working pneumatic nailer, pneumatic stapler, power tool, or compressor to the Hartman Independent Company to receive a discount toward an equivalent factory repaired power tool or a discount toward a new one. Starting on Wednesday April 22 through Friday, April 24, visitors can bring their item to Hartman located at 93 Mayview Road in Lawrence, PA., to take advantage of this Earth Day promotion.

“By offering this to both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer, we can give them an alternative to putting an item like this in the trash.” said Andrew. “We have the resources to recycle the materials used in power tools, as well as the batteries used for cordless ones.”

About Hartman Independent Company
Hartman Independent Company is a family-owned, industry recognized distributor of packaging and fastening solutions for the construction and industrial markets. Founded in 1948, Hartman has a long history of providing high quality construction and industrial grade fasteners of all types and applications. In addition, Hartman offers packaging solutions, which include steel and poly strapping, films, and corrugated paper materials. In 2010, the company became the only Bosch System Specialist in Western Pennsylvania. With locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, Hartman Independent Company prides itself in delivering high quality products with total customer satisfaction.

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Andrew Hartman
Vice President
Hartman Independent Company

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