For over 70 years, Hartman has been supplying collated nails and screws, narrow, medium, and wide crown staples, pneumatic tools and air compressors – and many more fastening and building products – to the industrial, construction, and dealer markets. In 2017, Hartman acquired the Chambers Packaging Company making us also a large distributor of protective packaging, cardboard cartons, tape, and packaging materials. We have the experience and the products to help you get your project – big or small – done and done right.

We’re all going to remember this

Here are the events of my lifetime that I will always remember:

  • JFK’s assassination
  • Watching Lee Harvey Oswald get shot on live TV
  • The tragic deaths of Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee
  • Watching the moon landing on one of the three TV stations we got in 1969
  • The Vietnam War, er, ah, I mean, police action
  • Kent State (I went to High School in Stow, Ohio – so kinda in my backyard)
  • The 1973 oil crisis
  • The hostage crisis in Iran
  • 9/11

You have your own list of events, but whatever that list is, I have to believe COVID-19 is going to be on it.

There is something that each of these events seem to have in common, at least for me. It’s the pause or that stillness that hangs in the air. You know, like after 9/11. We all went back to work and tried to carry on with life, but everything just seemed to be muffled. We watched the news, with that new thing – that ticker tape running at the bottom of the TV screen — being on the lookout for what could happen next.

There’s almost no traffic in the streets. I don’t even see the folks who normally walk their dogs in my neighborhood. My gym is closed, my church is closed, my life is closed.

As a distributor, Hartman doesn’t fall under the designation of being ‘non-essential’, so I do go to work. But the normal camaraderie has been tainted by the need for social-distancing. We are all very conscious of each others’ space and we are diligently practicing the cleaning protocols recommended by the CDC. But here’s the thing. Despite the stuff that’s going on, we all have an overwhelming sense that everything will be ok. No, not right away, but at some point, and it might be a gradual thing, our lives will get to a place where COVID-19 will no longer be part of our conversations.

Until then, we’ll be watching the news: how many more have been afflicted, what other restrictions have to be put in place, what new thing has to be done. And we’ll do it together – but at a safe distance. 

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